Testing Your Charging Station

How To Test An EV Charger? 6 Step Process

Testing an EV charger involves a visual inspection for physical damage, checking the power source with a multimeter, trying the charger with multiple EVs, utilizing built-in diagnostic tools, ensuring up-to-date software, and seeking remote troubleshooting from experts like Chicago EV.

how to test your EV charging station

As the electric vehicle (EV) revolution gains momentum, especially in bustling cities like Chicago, the need for reliable EV charging infrastructure is paramount. At Chicago EV, not only do we offer top-notch installation and servicing of commercial EV chargers, but we’re also proud to be in a preferred partnership with Enel X, one of the leaders in the charging industry. With this foundation in place, we understand the importance of ensuring that your charger is always in optimal condition.

Whether you’re a business owner looking to ensure the reliability of your EV chargers or an EV driver eager to understand the technicalities, this guide will walk you through the basic steps to test an EV charger.

visual inspection of EV charger

Step 1: Visual Inspection

Before diving into sophisticated testing methods, starting with a basic visual inspection can reveal obvious signs of wear, damage, or malfunction. Just like how a doctor’s preliminary examination can provide a lot of insights, a visual check can immediately alert you to problems that might affect the charger’s performance.

Cable Condition

Regularly check the charger cable. It should be free from visible damages like cracks, fraying, or deformities. Worn-out cables can hinder the charging process and may even pose safety risks.

Charging Port Examination

The charging port is where the connection is made, and any damages, obstructions, or debris here can prevent efficient charging. Ensure it’s clean, undamaged, and free from foreign objects.

Indicator Lights & Display

Most EV chargers have lights or digital displays indicating their status. Confirm that all indicators and lights on the charging station are functioning as they should. Irregular patterns or non-functioning lights can be a precursor to more significant issues.

Step 2: Test the Power Source

Power sources are the backbone of any EV charger. Without a consistent and reliable flow of electricity, even the best charger can’t function. By testing the power source, you’re ensuring that the charger is getting the energy it needs. This includes testing the voltage and examining the breaker.

Using a voltage tester or multimeter, verify that the power source connected to the charger is delivering the appropriate voltage. An irregular power supply can lead to inefficient charging. The electrical breaker connected to your EV charger ensures safety by tripping in case of an overload. Ensure that the breaker linked to the charger hasn’t tripped. If it has, resetting it might solve basic power issues.

Step 3: Test the Charger with Multiple EVs (If Possible)

In the real world, EV chargers are expected to cater to various vehicle models and makes. By testing your charger with multiple EVs, you can ensure its compatibility and functionality across a wide range of vehicles. Start with an initial test of the charge before testing it on other vehicles.

Begin by connecting one EV to the charger and observe if the charging initiates seamlessly. If the first vehicle doesn’t initiate charging, it’s wise to test with a different EV. If none of the vehicles can charge, it strongly indicates an issue with the charger, rather than a vehicle-specific problem.

Step 4: Use Diagnostic Tools (For Advanced Users)

With advancements in technology, many modern EV chargers are equipped with internal diagnostic tools. These tools offer a deep dive into the charger’s functionality, providing insights that can help pinpoint specific issues.

  • Electricity Flow Monitoring: Most high-end chargers can monitor the real-time flow of electricity. This helps in ensuring that the correct amount of power is being delivered to the vehicle.
  • Communication Error Checks: Modern EVs and chargers communicate during the charging process. Diagnostic tools can check for any communication errors between the charger and the vehicle, ensuring seamless energy transfer.
  • Internal Malfunction Detection: Advanced diagnostics can also detect if any internal component of the charger is malfunctioning, which can be invaluable in preempting major issues.

Step 5: Check for Software Updates

In today’s digital age, hardware and software go hand in hand. Like most modern devices, EV chargers operate on software that occasionally needs updating to fix bugs, improve performance, or add new features.

Periodically check if your charger’s software is up to date. Outdated software can sometimes lead to compatibility or functionality issues. Manufacturers, especially premium ones like Enel X, often roll out software updates. Staying informed and implementing these updates ensures that your charger performs at its optimal level.

Step 6: Remote Troubleshooting with Chicago EV

In an age where technology allows us to solve problems from a distance, why not leverage this for your EV charger? With remote diagnostic capabilities, many issues can be resolved without the need for a physical visit, saving time and resources.

At Chicago EV, our partnership with Enel X provides us with advanced remote diagnostic tools. We can monitor and troubleshoot many issues from our central system, minimizing downtime. Knowing that a team of experts can oversee your charger’s performance remotely provides an added layer of assurance. With Chicago EV and Enel X, you’re always in good hands.

Final Thoughts

Ensuring the reliability of your EV charger is crucial to providing a seamless experience for your customers or staff. With regular inspections and testing, you can guarantee efficient charging and detect potential issues before they escalate.

If you’re ever in doubt or require professional assistance, remember, Chicago EV is here to help. With our expertise in commercial EV chargers, especially those from Enel X, you can trust us to keep your chargers in top form. Safe and efficient charging is just a call away!