Enel X Commercial Charging Software

JuiceNet Enterprise

Our advanced EVSE asset management platform, JuiceNet Enterprise delivers the financial savings and flexibility you need to efficiently manage your EV charging operations. It’s the perfect solution for condominiums, apartment buildings, offices, shopping malls, universities, event venues, garages, and more.


Monitor & Control

Why JuiceNet Enterprise

Whether your system is just getting started or you’re already powering an entire fleet of vehicles, JuiceNet Enterprise is designed to help you:

  • Monitor and control your charging system with a powerful online dashboard
  • Reduce energy costs by controlling charging times and managing demand charges
  • Generate new revenue from your charging stations
  • Provide authorized and public drivers an easy way to charge
  • Optimize charging times and aggregate stations to reduce energy costs using industry-leading open smart grid standards
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Control Station Access

JuiceNet Enterprise Overview

Enel X JuiceNet is a smart grid charging platform for electric vehicles (EVs) that offers features like remote monitoring, control, and smart grid optimization. Through JuiceNet, users can schedule charging times to take advantage of lower electricity rates and integrate with renewable energy sources. Additionally, its grid-integration capabilities can help stabilize the grid by responding to real-time demands and reducing peak loads.

Control Station Access

Set charging times and allow authorized users to access charging.

Generate Revenue

Collect payment through mobile app or create invoices from reports.

Limit and Balance Your EV Load

Expand your charging operations without expensive infrastructure upgrades.

See System Health

A powerful dashboard and robust reporting let you monitor charger and driver activity.

Save on Charging Expenses

Cap overall electricity consumption and manage demand charges.

Make Charging Easy

Simple app for drivers to control and monitor their charging.

Product Details

JuiceNet Enterprise Specifications

Charging Station Management

  • Advanced scheduling to reduce demand charges
  • Scheduled access control
  • Flexible power limitation configurations

Control Charging Schedules and Availability

  • Set charging station access hours individually for designated drivers and guests
  • Set power availability schedules for weekdays and weekends or custom days to limit demand charges

Charger Access Control

  • Grant charging station access to authorized users only or authorized users and guests


  • Daily and monthly consumption reports by driver, RFID card, charging station, or location
  • Monitor active charging sessions
  • Run session history reports by station and user
  • Review real-time consumption for each location
  • Export reports in PDF, XLS, CSV

Pricing and Payments

  • Set pricing by kWh or min
  • Automated payment collection in-app via Stripe integration
  • Generate usage report & export data for manual invoicing

Administrator Dashboard Access

  • Administrator access level control to devices
  • Manage other administrators, authorized drivers and RFID cards
  • View your station health status collectively in a simple map or list
  • Advanced filtering and aggregation capabilities for data consumption
  • Configurable energy costs to estimate revenue
  • Tree/CO2 emission savings estimation
  • Price management

Automated Load Balancing

  • Resellers can manage stations on behalf of their customers
  • Brand dashboard with any company logo and email
  • Create a unique company URL (e.g. https:// company.juice.net) for each end customer

Automated Load Balancing

  • Limit maximum power load for a group of chargers

OpenADR 2.0b Compliant

  • A smart grid standard used for Automated Demand Response programs

Troubleshooting Tools

  • Review individual states of the charging station: status, voltage, power, current
  • View logs and events for each charging station
  • Troubleshoot isolated session issues with isolated charging station states, State of Charge (SoC) *when available, end of session reason, and more pertinent information gathered for that session