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EV Charging Stations for Office Buildings

Unlock significant advantages by installing EV chargers at your office building, boosting tenant satisfaction and increasing property value. Partner with Chicago EV for premier service, backed by extensive experience and deep industry knowledge.

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The Future Starts Here

Supercharge Your Office Buildings

Make a dynamic shift towards the future with Chicago EV. Introducing EV chargers at your commercial property not only caters to the increasing demand for electric vehicle charging infrastructure, but also positions your building as a sustainable and forward-thinking establishment. In the rapidly evolving realm of green mobility, don’t just keep pace—lead the way.

Increased Retention

Benefits Of EV Chargers For Office Buildings

Installation of EV chargers at your office building signals a proactive commitment to sustainability, a factor increasingly influential in tenant decisions. Not only do you stand to attract environmentally-conscious businesses, but you also future-proof your property in the face of growing EV adoption. Trust Chicago EV to implement this transformation smoothly, bolstered by our unparalleled expertise and customer-centric approach.

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Increased Tenant Attraction & Retention

Businesses are increasingly aiming to reduce their environmental footprint, and offering on-site EV charging can be a significant factor in their choice of office space. By facilitating a more sustainable commute for your tenants, you encourage long-term leasing and reduce tenant turnover.

Enhanced Property Value

By integrating advanced and sustainable technology like EV chargers into your property, you add a significant selling point that boosts your building’s appeal in the market. The chargers indicate forward-thinking management, which can lead to increased rental or sale prices.


The EV market is set for massive growth in the coming years. By installing EV chargers now, you’re ensuring your property remains competitive and desirable in an increasingly eco-conscious market. This proactive step helps you maintain a cutting-edge status.

Positive Brand Image

By showcasing your commitment to green energy, you project a positive image to your current and potential tenants, visitors, and even competitors. This move aligns your property with global sustainability efforts, enhancing your brand’s reputation and corporate social responsibility profile.

Space Requirements

Other Factors To Consider

While the benefits of EV charger installations are numerous, it’s also essential to consider the logistics. You’ll need to assess the electrical capacity of your building, the potential need for additional parking space, and the ideal charging solutions for your specific property. With Chicago EV, you’ll have a dedicated partner guiding you through these considerations to ensure a seamless installation process.

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Electrical Infrastructure

EV chargers will necessitate additional electrical load, which means your existing system may need upgrades. This could involve rewiring or the installation of new electrical panels. At Chicago EV, we conduct thorough site assessments to ensure your electrical infrastructure can support the new load.

Parking Space Requirements

EV chargers will require designated parking spaces, which may affect your current parking setup. This might mean reconfiguring existing spaces or potentially expanding your parking area. We will work with you to minimize disruption and optimize the use of available space.

Choice of Charging Solutions

There are various types of EV chargers, from slow chargers that are ideal for long-term parking to ultra-fast chargers for a quick top-up. The selection will depend on the usage patterns of your tenants and their specific needs. Our expert team will guide you in choosing the most suitable solution.


Like any other piece of equipment, EV chargers require regular maintenance to ensure optimal performance. Issues like software updates, physical wear and tear, and potential vandalism must be considered. At Chicago EV, we not only install but also offer comprehensive after-sales service to keep your charging stations at peak performance.

Our Process

Engineering & Installation Process

At Chicago EV, we believe that every project deserves an exceptional level of attention, precision, and expertise. Our engineering and installation process is meticulously designed to ensure seamless integration of EV chargers into your property. With a robust understanding of the unique needs of condominiums and apartments, we customize our approach to maximize efficiency, safety, and reliability. Here’s an in-depth look at our comprehensive six-step process:

  1. Site Assessment: We evaluate your property to determine the best locations for charger installation.
  2. Power Availability Check: Our team analyzes your current power infrastructure to ensure it can support the EV chargers.
  3. Custom Design: Based on the site assessment and power check, we create a tailor-made plan for your property.
  4. Installation: Our expert installers fit the EV chargers, ensuring optimal functionality and safety.
  5. Testing and Verification: We thoroughly test each installed charger to ensure it’s working correctly.
  6. Maintenance and Support: We offer ongoing service and support, ensuring your chargers remain in top condition.