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Service & Maintenance

Maintenance of your EV chargers is necessary in order to ensure that they last and remain reliable and efficient for your customers or tenants. Rely on Chicago EV, your go-to expert for comprehensive commercial EV charger services.

technicians working on EV charging station component in order to service it


What Does Maintenance Entail?

The term “maintenance” as it pertains to EV chargers involves a series of measures to ensure optimal performance and longevity of these charging stations. It encompasses regular inspections, cleaning, firmware updates, and timely troubleshooting of any issues. Entrusting this task to a professional service provider ensures that your EV chargers remain reliable and efficient over time.


Importance Of Maintenance & Servicing

Regular maintenance of EV chargers is vital to ensure a seamless charging experience for the end-users. It helps prevent unexpected breakdowns, thereby minimizing downtime and maintaining the reliability of your investment. Additionally, well-maintained EV chargers enhance property value by demonstrating commitment to sustainable infrastructure and advanced technology.

engineers and service techs working on electric equipment


Well-maintained EV chargers tend to last longer, giving you a higher return on your investment. Regular upkeep minimizes wear and tear, ensuring that the charger components function optimally for a longer period.


Regular maintenance checks ensure that your EV chargers are always in top condition, ready for use. This consistency builds trust with users, bolstering your property’s reputation for reliability.


Regular maintenance aids in maintaining the charger’s optimal charging speed. By ensuring the firmware is up-to-date and components are functioning properly, you can provide a swift and efficient charging experience to users.


Regular inspections and maintenance work help identify and fix any potential safety issues before they escalate. This is critical in preventing accidents and maintaining a safe environment for all.

Our Process

Maintenance & Servicing Process

At Chicago EV, our maintenance process is designed to offer comprehensive care for your EV chargers. Here’s how we ensure your charging stations remain in optimal condition:

  1. Assessment: We start with an initial assessment to understand the current status of your EV chargers. This includes a detailed inspection of the hardware and software.
  2. Cleaning: Next, we clean the EV charger stations thoroughly, removing any dirt or debris that could impact performance.
  3. Firmware Updates: We check and update the firmware of your EV chargers to ensure they are functioning at their best capacity.
  4. Component Check: Our team then examines each component individually for any signs of wear and tear or potential malfunctions.
  5. Repairs & Replacements: Based on our assessment, we perform any necessary repairs or replace parts to prevent any future downtime.
  6. Final Inspection: After all tasks are completed, we perform a final inspection to ensure everything is working as intended. Regular maintenance reports are provided to keep you updated about the health of your EV chargers.