Resource Optimization

Network Metering

Network metering provides enhanced control over your EV chargers, elevating property value and attracting eco-friendly customers. Trust Chicago EV for a seamless installation and unrivaled expertise in commercial EV solutions.

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What Is Network Metering?

Network metering with respect to EV Chargers refers to a system that monitors and manages the distribution of electricity to electric vehicle charging stations. It involves tracking the amount of electricity used by each EV charger, providing valuable data on usage patterns. This technology plays a crucial role in maintaining a balanced, efficient, and cost-effective charging infrastructure.

Energy Efficiency

Importance Of Network Metering

Network metering is crucial for EV chargers as it allows for efficient load management and power allocation. By monitoring usage patterns, network metering helps prevent grid overload, ensuring that the charging infrastructure operates optimally. Additionally, it provides detailed analytics that can be used to further optimize energy usage and cost.

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Cost Management

Network metering provides detailed data on energy usage for each EV charger, enabling you to optimize energy consumption and reduce costs. It assists in determining peak usage times and adjusting accordingly to benefit from off-peak electricity rates.

Prevention of Grid Overload

By actively monitoring power distribution, network metering prevents the possibility of a grid overload. This is essential in maintaining a smooth, uninterrupted operation of your charging infrastructure.

Energy Efficiency

With the ability to track usage patterns, network metering can help identify wastage and inefficiencies. The data obtained can be used to make necessary adjustments, thereby promoting better energy management.

Reporting and Analysis

Network metering facilitates comprehensive reporting and analytics. This allows property owners to track, manage, and plan their electricity usage, contributing to more informed decision-making.

Our Process

Network Metering Process

Our network metering process at Chicago EV is designed to be thorough, efficient, and transparent. We aim to deliver a streamlined solution that optimizes your EV charging infrastructure while minimizing costs.

  1. Assessment: We begin by conducting a detailed assessment of your property and its electrical system.
  2. Planning: Using the assessment results, we design a network metering system that best fits your property’s needs.
  3. Installation: Our certified professionals then install the EV chargers and the network metering system, ensuring they are optimally set up for precise tracking.
  4. System Testing: Post-installation, we run rigorous tests to ensure the system is functioning correctly and efficiently.
  5. Data Monitoring: We monitor the system’s operation, collecting usage data to provide detailed reports and analytics.
  6. Maintenance and Support: We provide ongoing maintenance and support to ensure the system remains effective and efficient, making adjustments as necessary based on data analysis.