Strategic Planning

Review Infrastructure

Reviewing the infrastructure for EV charger installation will help us to understand the current capacity and identify necessary upgrades. Trust Chicago EV, where expertise meets impeccable service for a seamless, efficient installation experience.

reviewing the infrastructure of a parking lot to add EV chargers


What Is An Infrastructure Review

Infrastructure reviews for EV chargers provide a comprehensive analysis of your existing electrical system and the potential to integrate electric vehicle (EV) charging stations. These assessments gauge capacity, viability, and necessary upgrades to ensure the seamless addition of charging capabilities. With Chicago EV, you’re equipped with insights to make the most efficient and effective decisions.

Understand Existing Systems

Importance Of Reviewing Infrastructure

Understanding your property’s electrical infrastructure is vital when installing EV chargers. An infrastructure review uncovers any constraints and needs, ensuring your system can handle the demand and operate at optimal efficiency. With Chicago EV, each review is meticulous and thorough, mitigating risks and laying the foundation for successful EV charger integration.

parking garage infrastructure

Identifies System Capacity

An infrastructure review provides precise understanding of your system’s existing electrical capacity. This information is critical to determining how many EV chargers your system can support without overloading circuits, ensuring reliable service.

Pinpoints Required Upgrades

The review will uncover any necessary upgrades or modifications to your electrical system. From transformer upgrades to new wiring, you will know exactly what is needed for a successful and safe EV charger installation.

Reduces Operational Risks

Understanding your electrical infrastructure minimizes unexpected electrical issues or system failures. This proactive approach leads to fewer service interruptions, maintaining a positive experience for your property visitors.

Ensures Code Compliance

Infrastructure reviews help identify and correct potential code compliance issues. This ensures your EV charger installation meets all local and national electrical code requirements, safeguarding you against fines or penalties.

Our Process

Infrastructure Review Process

At Chicago EV, we understand the importance of thoroughness and precision in our review process to ensure your commercial property is fully prepared for EV charger installation. Our comprehensive approach guarantees that your existing electrical infrastructure is carefully assessed, and that potential enhancements are identified.

  1. Initial Consultation: We discuss your goals and expectations, understanding your specific requirements and any potential challenges.
  2. Site Inspection: Our team of experts visit your property to conduct a detailed review of your existing electrical infrastructure.
  3. System Analysis: We meticulously evaluate your system’s current capacity and potential for expansion, using state-of-the-art equipment and industry best practices.
  4. Recommendations: We present our findings along with suggested modifications or upgrades needed to accommodate EV charging stations.
  5. Implementation Plan: If you choose to proceed, we devise a detailed plan of action, outlining each step of the installation process.
  6. Follow-up: Post-installation, we provide comprehensive maintenance and service, ensuring your EV charging infrastructure performs optimally.