Attract New Customers

EV Charging Stations for Car Rental Services

Adding Electric Vehicles to your fleet of rental cars will attract new customers and generate additional revenue and in-house chargers will increase your savings. Choose Chicago EV, a leading provider committed to powering up your car rentals seamlessly.

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The Future Starts Here

Supercharge Your Rental Cars

Take the lead in the ever-evolving car rental industry by providing a valued amenity – EV charging stations. Offering this service not only raises the profile of your business but can also attract a more eco-conscious clientele. With Chicago EV as your partner, you’ll be well-equipped to meet the electric future head-on.

On-Demand EV Charging

Benefits Of EV Chargers For Car Rentals

Adopting EV charging infrastructure offers a compelling competitive edge for commercial properties. It serves as a tangible commitment to sustainability, attracting eco-minded clients and enhancing your property’s overall value. Trust Chicago EV for this transformation; our expertise, dedicated service, and proven track record set us apart.

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Enhanced Customer Experience

In an age where customers value added conveniences, offering EV charging solutions can significantly elevate their experience. Not only does it cater to the growing population of EV drivers, but it also serves as an unexpected delight for potential renters who may see this as a thoughtful and forward-thinking service.

Increased Revenue

By offering EV charging, you can implement a pay-per-use model or a monthly fee, transforming your charging stations into a consistent revenue stream. As the adoption of electric vehicles increases, so does the demand for charging stations, making this a profitable venture in the long run.

Strengthened Brand Image

Installing EV chargers is a visible and practical way to showcase your commitment to environmental sustainability. This can enhance your brand image, align your property with the values of a growing eco-conscious demographic, and position your business as a leader in sustainable practices.

Competitive Edge

In a saturated market, unique amenities like EV charging stations can differentiate your property from others. Offering this service might be the deciding factor for potential clients, giving you an edge over competitors that do not provide this amenity.

Ongoing Maintenance

Other Factors To Consider

While installing EV chargers offers numerous benefits, it’s crucial to plan the installation thoughtfully. This involves considering the electrical capacity of your property, selecting the right type of chargers, and understanding the ongoing maintenance requirements. With Chicago EV’s comprehensive services, we guide you through each step, ensuring a seamless transition.

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Electrical Capacity

Before installation, a thorough assessment of your property’s existing electrical capacity is crucial to ensure it can support the additional load from EV chargers. This may require upgrading your electrical service or properly balancing the load to prevent overloading the system.

Charger Type Selection

There are three types of EV chargers – Level 1, Level 2, and DC Fast chargers. Each offers different charging speeds, with Level 1 being the slowest and DC Fast chargers being the quickest. The selection depends on your budget, available space, and the expected dwell time of vehicles at your property.

Ongoing Maintenance

Regular maintenance ensures the optimal functionality and longevity of the chargers. This includes routine checks of the equipment, software updates, and timely repairs. With a dedicated service provider like Chicago EV, you’ll have expert support on hand for ongoing maintenance.

Safety and Compliance

It’s important to adhere to all safety standards and local building codes during the installation process. Compliance with these regulations guarantees the safety of your clients and protects your business from potential liabilities.


Strategically planning charger locations can maximize their visibility and ensure easy access for all clients. Consider factors like parking space sizes, charger cord lengths, and the proximity of chargers to the main facility to enhance user experience.

Our Process

Engineering & Installation Process

At Chicago EV, we believe that every project deserves an exceptional level of attention, precision, and expertise. Our engineering and installation process is meticulously designed to ensure seamless integration of EV chargers into your property. With a robust understanding of the unique needs of condominiums and apartments, we customize our approach to maximize efficiency, safety, and reliability. Here’s an in-depth look at our comprehensive six-step process:

  1. Site Assessment: We evaluate your property to determine the best locations for charger installation.
  2. Power Availability Check: Our team analyzes your current power infrastructure to ensure it can support the EV chargers.
  3. Custom Design: Based on the site assessment and power check, we create a tailor-made plan for your property.
  4. Installation: Our expert installers fit the EV chargers, ensuring optimal functionality and safety.
  5. Testing and Verification: We thoroughly test each installed charger to ensure it’s working correctly.
  6. Maintenance and Support: We offer ongoing service and support, ensuring your chargers remain in top condition.